Facility Based Care

Our team of dedicated providers will create a customized plan for your facility. Whether it is a nursing home, assisted living facility, rehabilitation hospital or full service hospital, we can provide state of the art care, from in house overnight providers to telehealth services, we will provide personalized care designed for your needs.

With our experienced team work we will guarantee to improve all measures including length of stay, patient satisfaction scores and all the areas which are monitored in today’s healthcare.

Located conveniently in Jeffersonville, our facility is accessible to locals in the surrounding regions. We prioritize convenience in healthcare so you can receive the care you need without a hassle.

Reach Out to Your Seasoned Neighbors

We are not just a team of healthcare providers but your partner in your journey toward a healthier life. Our primary care in Jeffersonville, IN, revolves around you and your healthcare needs. We at Wall Street Medical Group blend expertise, compassion, and modern technology to offer you the care you deserve. Call us at (812) 288 8360 to book an appointment.